Promoting Human Rights

This week organizations in Nicaragua celebrated the national day of persons with disabilities, promoting the rights of people with disabilities in fulfillment of the law 763. At Cielo (Contruimos, Inclusion, Educacion, Libertad y Oportunidades) de Amor we try on a daily basis to facilitate inclusion, education, freedom and opportunities for people with disabilities.

This week we provided:

  • A self -propelling wheelchair for Emanuel so he could be independently mobile for the first time in his life,
  • A stroller so Jorge’s parents could bring him from his rural home to Cielo de Amor for physical therapy and special education.
  • Special education and physical therapy to 32 children
  • A family support group sharing resources and information.
  • Built a staircase from recycled tires for small children to practice on
  • Physical therapy in the pool
  • Vocational and academic training to youth with disabilities
  • Sign language training to children and families

Take a look at our facebook page for more details and to see photos of our activities this week.


Molly Pierce, Occupational Therapist Visits from Oregon

We are delighted and so thankful to Molly for coming for her second visit to CIELO de Amor, this time taking all her vacation, so she can be with us for a month. Molly brings with her 30 years of experience. We are learning so much.

Molly has been teaching lots of new strategies to staff and families focusing on the children with cerebral palsy. She has provided dynamic hands-on training and demonstrations taking us through the sequence of gross and fine motor development. Molly incorporates fun and functional activities and strategies, increasing motivation, decreasing difficult behaviors, incorporating cognitive and communication skills and bringing squeals of delight and laughter.

Molly has such a gift with working with any child at any moment and following their needs, while teaching them a multitude of skills, working them hard without them realizing it as they are having so much fun. Molly teaches with such clarity and respect to the child, family and staff. Staff have learned about typical development and can now adjust goals and activities to the developmental level of the child, and the children are now much more active participants in their therapy.

We have seen tremendous  impact in this short time, including greater alertness, new language, use of two hands together in the children, and staff implementing many new strategies with confidence and joy. The new knowledge, strategies, and activities will make a huge impact on the development of the children, and the sounds of laughter fill all of our hearts. Our gratitude to Molly is overflowing. MUCHAS GRACIAS.

See our facebook page for photos.