Four youth successfully graduated from CIELO de Amor first vocational training course in baking. Thanks to the excellent leadership of Esther Schär the youth made tremendous progress in learning a variety of skills from following a recipe, baking bread and cakes, preparing juice, to hygiene, nutrition, and customer service skills. Most importantly their self esteem was enhanced, and their families expressed deep appreciation for this opportunity. Esther also trained Miriam in strategies working with youth with disabilities, so that she can take on leadership of the project.

Jessua demonstrated enthusiasm throughout the course, always arriving early and by the end of the course he was able to make cake and bread almost independently. When asked how the course was, this was his response. “Muy bien, me gusta estar aquí, las instructoras me tratan bien, me tienen paciencia y no me discriminan, no quiero cambiar nada” “Very good, I like it here, the instructors treated me well, they had patience and did not discriminate against me, I wouldn’t change anything.”

His parents were very touched and both came to the celebration. They said “Que está muy bien porque son cosas que normalmente no son dirigidas a personas con discapacidad, pero aun así ellos están asimilando y me gusta la técnica que utilizan para enseñarles, además que les ayuda a ser un poco independientes y seguros.”
“It was very good, because they are things that are not normally provided for people with disabilities, but still they are assimilating and I like the techniques used to teach, they also helped to be a little more independent and confident.”

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Providing quality wheelchair service

CIELO de Amor staff have been doing a fabulous job with wheelchair provision. In collaboration with several other organizations they have followed up on wheelchairs provided in 2015 in La Concha and nearby towns. Chairs were exchanged, repaired, and adjusted to fit the child as they have grown.

We have also had great satisfaction in continuing to provide wheelchairs to children who have never had a chair in nearby Nindiri. We are so thankful to Global Mobility and Futuro de Nicaragua for training us and donating tools and parts, and families in Eugene, Oregon for donating chairs for our most recent distribution. Thanks to our many generous donors who contribute to staff salaries. You are all making a  world of difference to children and their families in Masaya and Carazo, Nicaragua. Muchas gracias 🙂

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