Vocational training project moves and grows

The vocational training project for youth with disabilities has moved to its new location, half a block from the central park. Thanks to a very kind and generous donor we have been able to fully furnish it with fabulous used chairs and tables, a used oven, microwave, and all the necessary baking utensils. We are now doing craft work two afternoons, and baking whole wheat bread two afternoons per week, and have two new students. Our first day was a grand success. CIELO de Amor is the only place that sells whole wheat bread in La Concha, every Monday and Thursday afternoon! Thanks to Esther Schär and Miriam for all your hard work in making this a reality. Stay posted for more exciting news.

Esther found great used items to furnish the new location

The first day with the new students in the new baking project, Esther prepared lots of visuals which is very useful for students with limited attention and for those who can not read. Esther explained about the importance of hygiene, nutrition and the steps to baking bread. Esther bought the aprons from a vocational training project in a neighboring town that teaches sewing. Great to support them and vice versa. We also welcomed family members to participate.

Most of the students had never baked bread, let alone tried whole wheat bread. We made whole wheat and white bread and did a survey about which they preferred and why. Everyone liked both. Nothing quite like bread fresh from the oven with cheese and tomato. Esther trained Miriam how to make bread and in strategies to use with the youth with disabilities. She is learning quickly.

The day was a great success. Everyone was motivated to learn, the bread was delicious, and there was a general atmosphere of positive excitement. Stay posted for updates.