New classroom location, successful

Our new classroom location is proving to have some advantages. It is much quieter and hence the children are more focused. The house is a little more spacious and we hope to create a fun and useful play structure soon. In the future we will find ways to include other children. Yeah!

Adriana and Diana, both with autism adapted remarkably quickly to the new location and showed much better attention.

The new house has enough space for our small groups of children, with families and staff.


We have rearranged some of our groups to accommodate new children. It turns out that Angie and Raquel are cousins and so were quite comfortable together. Gilmara is our newest and youngest member. So valuable to be able to provide services at a young age.

With the help of a local teacher, Fernando, we are trying out some new strategies to support literacy.


Next project will be to create some fun play structures and smooth walkways for the children who use walkers