Moving day

Moving went very smoothly thanks to the help of CIELO de Amor staff and some wonderful parents and families. We had four pick up trucks lined up to help, but Joheiner’s father kindly organized a large fruit truck, which made it much easier. Staff started early and by 10 am everything was moved.

We are renting a new space for the vocational project and have moved the classroom to the house where we have the wheelchairs and had the vocational project. We are continuing to look for a more suitable space for the children, but will make this work for now.

We will miss the long smooth walkways where the children practiced walking with or without walkers, the playground we built, and the other school children. It was quite a task to move the mirrors.

Here is our new classroom, physical therapy room and outdoor area. We have a tree to balance on and hope to create some stairs from tires. The wheelchair shop is also here and the same great staff!