Lisa Germany photographer visits

We have been very fortunate to have Lisa Germany visit us. Here is a small sample of the magnificent photos she took. Thanks so much to Lisa for sharing your many talents, your enthusiasm, generosity, and support. You rock!


Moving day

Moving went very smoothly thanks to the help of CIELO de Amor staff and some wonderful parents and families. We had four pick up trucks lined up to help, but Joheiner’s father kindly organized a large fruit truck, which made it much easier. Staff started early and by 10 am everything was moved.

We are renting a new space for the vocational project and have moved the classroom to the house where we have the wheelchairs and had the vocational project. We are continuing to look for a more suitable space for the children, but will make this work for now.

We will miss the long smooth walkways where the children practiced walking with or without walkers, the playground we built, and the other school children. It was quite a task to move the mirrors.

Here is our new classroom, physical therapy room and outdoor area. We have a tree to balance on and hope to create some stairs from tires. The wheelchair shop is also here and the same great staff!


Promoting inclusion

Cielo de Amor is passionate about inclusion and promoting the rights of people with disabilities. The recent news that we have to leave the school has hit us hard. The Nicaraguan government is providing training to teachers in regard to inclusion, however implementation is challenging with large classes and limited resources. CIELO de Amor has been fortunate to be able to provide intensive educational services in small groups and physical therapy.
March 10th was an international day to promote the rights of inclusion for children with disabilities. All over the world children with disabilities were “ringing the bell” for one minute to raise awareness.
Cielo de Amor is very proud to support inclusion in many ways including building ramps at schools, providing strategies and resources to teachers and families, including children without disabilities in our activities, providing individually fitted wheelchairs, providing work training to youth with disabilities, employing people with disabilities, providing trainings to staff, visiting and participating in community events and facilities. In spite of having to leave the school, we plan to continue to support inclusion as best we are able.


The children love to join in our activities and we take every opportunity to educate, build friendships and break down fears, stigma and stereotypes.

We participate in community events and use community facilities.

We check in regularly with staff to find out about the needs of the children, share strategies, trainings, and material resources.

We provide employment and vocational training to young adults with disabilities, have built ramps to make schools accessible and provide wheelchairs to meet the individualized need and environment of each recipient


Bad news

CIELO de Amor has been informed that we need to move out of our classroom in Guillermo Ampie school by the end of March, in order to make room for the increase in number of children that have registered at school this year. The head of education and the mayor said they could not offer CIELO de Amor help in finding a new location.

We are thankful to have had almost two years at Guillermo Ampie providing wonderful opportunities for the children of the school and the children of CIELO de Amor. Our dream is to have a center which is in a central location, accessible, spacious, and with plenty of outdoor space. Please let us know if you can help in any way. Muchas gracias.

Mala noticia
CIELO de Amor recibío información que tiene que salir de la aula de clases de la escuela Guillermo Ampie a finales del mes de Marzo. Ya que necesitan mas espacio por que la matricula de estudiantes incremento este año. El delegado y alcaldia no puedan brindar ayuda en encontrar un nuevo lugar.

Con mucho dolor en nuestra Corazon salimos de la escuela Guilermo y agradecemos que casi por dos años estuvimos promoviendo buenas oportunidades para los niños de la escuela y los niños de CIELO de Amor. Nuestro sueño es tener un lugar centrico, accesible, muy amplio, tanto a dentro como afuera. Por favor comunicarnos si puedan ayudarnos de cualquier manera. Muchas gracias.



A trip to the rubbish dump

Following the video the youth saw last week about the impact of plastic on the environment, this week they went to the dump. It was quite an experience. In 40 minutes they collected more than 300 bags.They then took them back to the workshop to be washed and made into rope for crocheting.