A week of fun and learning

The children are back and it is so rewarding to watch them develop and enjoy their educational experiences at CIELO de Amor classroom. With staff now working full time, we can plan appropriate curriculum, take careful notes of progress so we know what to teach next, make adaptations for individual needs, and do outreach at home and with other organizations. The quality of our services is certainly improving.

CIELO de Amor currently has 30 monthly donors. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. This is essential for paying staff salaries, and rental of the house where we store, distribute and repair wheelchairs, offer vocational program to young adults, and provide physical therapy and individualized education to the older children. We would love to have 30 more monthly donors so that we could cover the costs of our four local staff who we are now providing full benefits. They are truly the heart and soul of the project. Please put the word out to friends, colleagues, families, schools or businesses who you think may be interested in supporting the children and families of CIELO de Amor. Click on the donate now button at the top of this page, or go to our website. http://www.cielodeamor.org or contact us at info@cielodeamor.org. Muchas gracias.

Music is a part of our daily routine, and supports the children’s language, eye-hand coordination, bilateral hand skills, imitation skills, and is a whole lot of fun.

Sensory activities are incorporated for children of varying abilities, encouraging attention, imaginary play, cognitive skills, sensory experiences, fine motor development.

Writing is heavily emphasized in the schools in Nicaragua. We keep  writing skills fun and engaging by using varied mediums such as chalk, paint, markers, pencil, glue and face paints.

It is so rewarding supporting children being able to walk, opening up their worlds to so much, from greater independence, exploration, and building friendships.

For those who can not walk, providing them supportive wheelchairs that meet their individual needs allows them to access their community,  makes an enormous impact in their ability to use their bodies with greater control, prevents deformities, supports socializing, and overall improves their quality of life. Darling now has a tilt in space chair, so she is no longer sliding out of her chair when excited.

We have a modest selection of books, but enough so that we can loan books to families. Large and musical books have proven invaluable. We build literacy, numeracy, and cognitive skills from early childhood onward.

Thanks again to all our donors. If you are not yet a monthly donor, please consider it. It’s easy just follow the donate button at the top of the page. Muchas gracias.