The crocheting begins

The three young people in our new vocational project have shown alot of motivation, patience, and persistence as they start to learn new skills. Jesua arrived an hour early on the third day and on his own initiative started preparing the bags at home. Esther has been teaching Miriam how to break the process into steps so everyone can be successful. Anke kindly visited and helped teach for one day.

Esther made some visuals. and the young people are now sharing the responsibility of cleaning up, bringing and preparing the fruit, without having to be told. Esther has also created evaluation forms so that we can track progress. Miriam is learning to evaluate the specific skills needed.

Cielo de Amor staff came to learn about the new vocational project. Jesua explained the process how to make the bag and Miriam demonstrated how to make the start of the bag. Staff were impressed with how quickly the young people are learning to crochet.

Anke brought some other items made from crocheted plastic bags. We had fun trying on the hat.

It’s really great to feel the energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved in this project.