A new project begins!

We are thrilled that Esther Schaer, a Swiss occupational therapist will be facilitating a pilot vocational project for youth with disabilities with CIELO de Amor in 2016. Esther has been working in Nicaragua for three years facilitating vocational work for adults with disabilities. She comes with lots of knowledge, experience, and connections. Esther Schär will be teaching Miriam, a local Nicaraguan, how to work with youth with disabilities and to take on leadership of the project. We are enormously thankful to Comundo, Coordinación Voluntarios Suizos CA, and AMS for making it possible for Esther to work with CIELO de Amor this year. Thank you.

Esther started by evaluating the interests, abilities, and hopes of the youth. The majority of the youth we met were interested in craft projects and had experience making a variety of crafts. None of them had a job. Jesua goes to school on Saturdays.

As the youth we met are interested in crafts we are going to start by making bags from used bags. We would like this project to be self sustainable and as the used bags are free, we are hoping this will be possible. All three were very excited about the possibility of earning some money. In the process we will be teaching about recycling, reuse, and environmental issues. Esther and Miriam taught Jader, Jesua and Maria Lousia how to fold the bags, cut and tie them into strips, and check the quality of the bags being used.

Esther is very organized and created a calendar and evaluations sheets so we can track progress. The team also made a poster to make the new space a welcoming environment. Family members were also welcome to visit and participate. Jader helped make fresh squeezed juice for the break. After day one everyone seemed very excited about the new project. We hope you will like our products, want to purchase them, and simultaneously support this new project. We will keep you posted