Sandy makes huge impact

Sandy a retired special education teacher has been with us four weeks now and has made a huge impact. She has evaluated the children, modeled new strategies, coached the staff, made handouts, data forms and materials for class and home. Sandy has taught us how to create a sequence of teaching for success, how to motivate children and build their length of attention, demonstrated a continuum of assistance depending upon the child’s needs, structured teaching for a range of skills from imitation to writing and math. Sandy’s extensive experience with children of a range of abilities has been invaluable. Her passion, knowledge, patience and experience have resulted in great progress for the children, satisfaction for the staff and pride for the parents. We can not thank Sandy enough and are thrilled to have her on the CIELO de Amor team. After vacation Sandy will be with us for one more week of intensive training, but has promised to return and will skype with staff in the meanwhile. Thanks millions Sandy.

Visitors from Familias Especiales, Matagalpa

This week we enjoyed a visit from three teachers and a psychologist from Familias Especiales in Matagalpa. Last February staff of CIELO de Amor visited them to learn about wheelchair fitting and adjusting and were also very inspired by their vocational projects. It was wonderful to be able to reciprocate the hospitality and share ideas and discussions with their teaching staff.

We also enjoyed the beauty of Laguna de Apoyo, a hike through the woods and some howling howler monkeys!


Growing and changing

We are continuing to grow, evaluate, and change according to the current needs. With more students and more wheelchairs on the way we decided to rent a house to accommodate. Here are some of our new students, enjoying sensory play, our new musical books and toys.

Sandy has been here three weeks now. She has been busy evaluating the children, modeling new strategies, making new toys and is now coaching the staff in strategies that she modeled. Sandy is such a treasure of knowledge, experience, and patience.

Cielo de Amor staff continue to introduce fun new activities, such as dressing the baby, squirting water, and the children continue to show great progress. We are all excited that Elias can now walk independently and Elias seems to be the most excited.

We continue to meet new children needing wheelchairs and recently provided this gentleman with a chair. Prior to receiving this chair he was tied to a bed for safety reasons.


Ezekial our lawyer gave an informative and inspiring presentation about workers rights, and facilitated some team building exercises. We now have a bank account which was quite  a process to achieve. Poco a poco.


Opening of Wheelchair and Physical Therapy Center

We had a fabulous party for over a 100 people to celebrate the opening of our new center for wheelchair repair, distribution, and physical therapy. The families helped prepare the food, we had fabulous music from the local cultural center, candies donated by local community member, and folk dancing. So rewarding to be able to provide a fiesta where the families know their children are welcome and will be accepted no matter what. We combined it with the fiesta of purisima.