CIELO de Amor expands!

We are thrilled and honored that Global Mobility who provided us with wheelchairs last March is again offering 50 more wheelchairs, physical therapy equipment, and training in wheelchair fitting, some time in November once the container arrives. In order to accommodate their generosity as well as the increase in number of children attending CIELO de Amor, we decided to rent a house as a wheelchair distribution and repair center, as well as to provide physical therapy to the older children. This week we moved wheelchairs and parts out of my bedroom and the two other places we had them stored to our new house on the main street in La Concha. i am happy my bedroom no longer looks like a storage room!

IMG_4875 IMG_4890

Coincidentally the owner of the house is a physical therapist and also have concerns about their grandson, who Megan evaluated and recommended he attend CIELO de Amor. In preparation for Global Mobility’s visit Ruth Jansen and Wilmer have been very busy making connections, evaluating wheelchair needs, taking measurements, and following up on children who have previously received chairs. Some children have outgrown their chairs, others have broken wheels and yet others would benefit from a tilt and space. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to provide chairs that meet the needs of the children and training from Global Mobility in how to fit the children. We always welcome more wheelchair specialists and physical therapists to train us in this complex area. Please contact us if you are interested

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Families and staff of CIELO de Amor came and helped clean the house, the garden and the chairs. We were able to accomplish a great deal with so much help.

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Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous trust we have funding to support in initial set up costs including shelving and cupboards, massage table, chairs and tables. We welcome donations to help fund the rent and a security guard to ensure the wheelchairs, parts, and tools are safe. Please visit our website to make a donation.