In celebration of the birthday of Elaine Toper and Kirsten Haugen

We are so honored and touched by the generosity of Elaine Toper and Kirsten Haugen and their family and friends who donated to CIELO de Amor for their special birthdays!

Elaine has been involved with CIELO de Amor even before it’s conception. She has visited Nicaragua twice providing invaluable support with her years of expertise working with children with disabilities. Elaine has supported CIELO de Amor in providing consultation and training to families and staff, helped fit and adjust wheelchairs and is secretary on the board of directors. She has personally provided me with tremendous support in a huge myriad of ways for many years. Could not do this without you, Elaine. You are such a treasure. We have shared so many great adventures. Many, many thanks to you and your friends and family for your generosity and support, and may the next decades bring you good health, much love, laughter, and more adventures!

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Kirsten and I met just a year ago, while sharing with people from Saudi Arabia a training in regard to inclusion and early intervention in Eugene, OR. Kirsten was a tremendous support for CIELO de Amor fundraiser and first anniversary celebration. The celebration was an incredible success, very professional, and fun in large part to the generosity and talent of Kirsten. Kirsten has also shared her knowledge, resources and connections with us, supporting us in writing grants, creating posters, marketing, augmentative communication equipment, and more! You are such a treasure. Wishing you good health, much joy, love, laughter and satisfaction in the coming decades. Many thanks to the generosity of Kirsten’s friends and family who donated to CIELO de Amor in honor of her birthday.