Tremendous to see the progress after six months

In spite of having weekly meetings while I was gone, I was amazed to see all the progress the children have made.

The attention of the children improved dramatically. When I left Diana was so distracted and would only sit outside and work for a couple of minutes. She now works for 45 minutes with only one or two breaks. Maria is walking so much better and has expanded her interests.


When I left Derling had no words and did not like to use the walker. Now he is talking up a storm, can walk independently, and has the balance skills to reach down and throw a ball. One day this week Derling was in physical therapy while the rest of the group were playing with the parachute. He was listening to everything and when they shook the parachute fast, he did the same, holding onto his shirt and said “rapido”. Priceless.

IMG_4617 IMG_4794

Elias spoke about ten words when I left and also did not like to use the walker. Now he loves to sing songs and walks around the entire school with the walker. He is also going to the special education school on the three days when he does not come to CIELO de Amor.

elias walk elias walk1

Joheyner is on a new medication which is helping relax his muscles and is helping his feeding. He also loves when the children from the rest of the school visit. Inclusion continues on a daily basis.

IMG_4590  IMG_4601

Physical therapy at the swimming pool is a tremendous asset. Cristofer recently had surgery, and PT at the pool is helping his recovery and ability to walk again. Maria Isabella has arthrogryposis and had not been to the pool before. She loved it. It is also a great opportunity for building social skills and self esteem.

IMG_4762 IMG_4766

With thanks to an anonymous trust we have been able to purchase a guitar. Music is a daily part of our day and having live music is so powerful in so many ways, building, attention, motor skills, language, cognition, and so much joy

IMG_4743 IMG_4753

The staff have kept the class well organized, have introduced new routines such as toothbrushing, made new materials and continue to use the strategies they learned. I am so impressed with them and thankful for their passion, talent and commitment to the children and families.

IMG_4818 IMG_4756

Attendance has been great, even when it rained and the smiles are infectious! Nelson is no longer aggressive at school, just a big bundle of smiles, skipping and dancing.

IMG_4855IMG_4757 IMG_4768IMG_4874maria jose

Parent involvement has continued with staff teaching strategies for them to use at home.


I have received a very warm welcome back with fruit and notes of appreciation from the families, and even  a visit from the mayor. What an amazing team CIELO de Amor has.

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