CIELO de Amor expands!

We are thrilled and honored that Global Mobility who provided us with wheelchairs last March is again offering 50 more wheelchairs, physical therapy equipment, and training in wheelchair fitting, some time in November once the container arrives. In order to accommodate their generosity as well as the increase in number of children attending CIELO de Amor, we decided to rent a house as a wheelchair distribution and repair center, as well as to provide physical therapy to the older children. This week we moved wheelchairs and parts out of my bedroom and the two other places we had them stored to our new house on the main street in La Concha. i am happy my bedroom no longer looks like a storage room!

IMG_4875 IMG_4890

Coincidentally the owner of the house is a physical therapist and also have concerns about their grandson, who Megan evaluated and recommended he attend CIELO de Amor. In preparation for Global Mobility’s visit Ruth Jansen and Wilmer have been very busy making connections, evaluating wheelchair needs, taking measurements, and following up on children who have previously received chairs. Some children have outgrown their chairs, others have broken wheels and yet others would benefit from a tilt and space. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to provide chairs that meet the needs of the children and training from Global Mobility in how to fit the children. We always welcome more wheelchair specialists and physical therapists to train us in this complex area. Please contact us if you are interested

IMG_4877 IMG_4897

Families and staff of CIELO de Amor came and helped clean the house, the garden and the chairs. We were able to accomplish a great deal with so much help.

IMG_4982 IMG_4989 IMG_4993 IMG_4998 IMG_5009

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous trust we have funding to support in initial set up costs including shelving and cupboards, massage table, chairs and tables. We welcome donations to help fund the rent and a security guard to ensure the wheelchairs, parts, and tools are safe. Please visit our website to make a donation.


Precious visit from Megan, speech therapist from Eugene

We received a brief but precious visit from Megan, a speech therapist. We packed alot into her two and a half day visit and she shared lots of useful strategies for staff and families. Megan demonstrated how to improve eye contact and attention for children with autism. The girls learned quickly, which was a joy for everyone.

IMG_0064 IMG_0071 IMG_0078 IMG_0083

Megan demonstrated where different sounds come from and the effectiveness of breaking words into syllables. She also modeled the power of imaginary play.

IMG_4901 IMG_4902 IMG_4908 IMG_4917

We visited Andrea at her school and Megan showed Andrea’s mother ways to build her speech and language at home. Andrea is always such a delight and her mother is so appreciative of new ideas and so committed to supporting Andrea’s development, which makes it very rewarding.

IMG_4933 IMG_4936 IMG_4939

Megan’s time was certainly well spent. She also evaluated a new child whom she recommended to attend CIELO de Amor, helped move wheelchairs, did a bike tour with Mas por Menos and a little yoga with my host family! Thanks so much Megan for visiting and sharing your great spirit, energy, and knowledge.

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In celebration of the birthday of Elaine Toper and Kirsten Haugen

We are so honored and touched by the generosity of Elaine Toper and Kirsten Haugen and their family and friends who donated to CIELO de Amor for their special birthdays!

Elaine has been involved with CIELO de Amor even before it’s conception. She has visited Nicaragua twice providing invaluable support with her years of expertise working with children with disabilities. Elaine has supported CIELO de Amor in providing consultation and training to families and staff, helped fit and adjust wheelchairs and is secretary on the board of directors. She has personally provided me with tremendous support in a huge myriad of ways for many years. Could not do this without you, Elaine. You are such a treasure. We have shared so many great adventures. Many, many thanks to you and your friends and family for your generosity and support, and may the next decades bring you good health, much love, laughter, and more adventures!

IMG_4161 IMG_4235 IMG_4272 IMG_4319

Kirsten and I met just a year ago, while sharing with people from Saudi Arabia a training in regard to inclusion and early intervention in Eugene, OR. Kirsten was a tremendous support for CIELO de Amor fundraiser and first anniversary celebration. The celebration was an incredible success, very professional, and fun in large part to the generosity and talent of Kirsten. Kirsten has also shared her knowledge, resources and connections with us, supporting us in writing grants, creating posters, marketing, augmentative communication equipment, and more! You are such a treasure. Wishing you good health, much joy, love, laughter and satisfaction in the coming decades. Many thanks to the generosity of Kirsten’s friends and family who donated to CIELO de Amor in honor of her birthday.


Our first two grants!

We are thrilled and honored to have received our first two grants. The Susan Cheshire Memorial Fund has donated funds to provide staff salary for a month. We are honored to continue the legacy of Susan Cheshire who worked tirelessly as a nurse for 30 years and after retirement was involved in medical research and was a pioneer in the field of parish nursing. The staff of CIELO de Amor also work very hard to improve the lives of the children and their families and are the true heart of the program. Many thanks to Susan’s family and the Susan Cheshire Memorial fund.

pool yer

IMG_4590 IMG_4794 IMG_4783IMG_4792 IMG_4815

We are also very thankful to an anonymous trust for providing funding for a guitar, book and toy lending library for families and staff, and set up costs for our new wheelchair warehouse and repair center. THANK YOU! We also hope to provide physical therapy at this center as we are outgrowing our classroom. We are very excited about the new developments and could not do it without the support of our donors and grantors. Stay posted for updates. So far we have have bought the guitar and the children are mesmerized.

IMG_4741 IMG_4745 IMG_4751 IMG_4753 IMG_4787 IMG_4865

Tremendous to see the progress after six months

In spite of having weekly meetings while I was gone, I was amazed to see all the progress the children have made.

The attention of the children improved dramatically. When I left Diana was so distracted and would only sit outside and work for a couple of minutes. She now works for 45 minutes with only one or two breaks. Maria is walking so much better and has expanded her interests.


When I left Derling had no words and did not like to use the walker. Now he is talking up a storm, can walk independently, and has the balance skills to reach down and throw a ball. One day this week Derling was in physical therapy while the rest of the group were playing with the parachute. He was listening to everything and when they shook the parachute fast, he did the same, holding onto his shirt and said “rapido”. Priceless.

IMG_4617 IMG_4794

Elias spoke about ten words when I left and also did not like to use the walker. Now he loves to sing songs and walks around the entire school with the walker. He is also going to the special education school on the three days when he does not come to CIELO de Amor.

elias walk elias walk1

Joheyner is on a new medication which is helping relax his muscles and is helping his feeding. He also loves when the children from the rest of the school visit. Inclusion continues on a daily basis.

IMG_4590  IMG_4601

Physical therapy at the swimming pool is a tremendous asset. Cristofer recently had surgery, and PT at the pool is helping his recovery and ability to walk again. Maria Isabella has arthrogryposis and had not been to the pool before. She loved it. It is also a great opportunity for building social skills and self esteem.

IMG_4762 IMG_4766

With thanks to an anonymous trust we have been able to purchase a guitar. Music is a daily part of our day and having live music is so powerful in so many ways, building, attention, motor skills, language, cognition, and so much joy

IMG_4743 IMG_4753

The staff have kept the class well organized, have introduced new routines such as toothbrushing, made new materials and continue to use the strategies they learned. I am so impressed with them and thankful for their passion, talent and commitment to the children and families.

IMG_4818 IMG_4756

Attendance has been great, even when it rained and the smiles are infectious! Nelson is no longer aggressive at school, just a big bundle of smiles, skipping and dancing.

IMG_4855IMG_4757 IMG_4768IMG_4874maria jose

Parent involvement has continued with staff teaching strategies for them to use at home.


I have received a very warm welcome back with fruit and notes of appreciation from the families, and even  a visit from the mayor. What an amazing team CIELO de Amor has.

IMG_4734 IMG_4746 IMG_4786IMG_4815

Fabulous and Fun, First Anniversary Fiesta!

Wow, what a great time and great success we had at the first Anniversary Fiesta for CIELO de Amor with the help of so many people. THANKS!

This amazing team planned, organized, and hosted the event. Enormous talent, energy, enthusiasm, and kindness in this group of people. You rock!


Cheryl and Drew organized fun games for all ages.

IMG_7629 DSC00280 12006563_887510371334385_2029836115192049729_oIMG_7611

Delicious food and cake by Nadja, Yvonne and Jane. Fabulous wine wall organized by Krista Jo


Lovely music by Beatroot Band and Piel Canela

DSC00282 DSC00341

Phenomenal silent auction with more than 70 items. Thanks to all the many, many generous donors. And 3 amazing gift baskets put together by Jane. Our new monthly donors, Jeanine, Paul and Yvonne, and Marion were the lucky winners.


DSC00294 DSC00336

Kirsten created beautiful posters that demonstrated the work of CIELO de Amor and did a phenomenal job promoting the event, finding donations, MCing, making the event very professional, and so much more. Special shout of thanks to Kirsten.

IMG_7635 DSC00301 DSC00313

Good times had by all. Our photographers, Jim, Tony, Nadja, Kirsten captured the precious moments.

Claim 52 were our fabulous hostesses. Tanja and Krista Jo were our media queens.


IMG_7663 DSC00297

Great turnout and attentive audience for presentation about CIELO de Amor


And we now have 26 NEW monthly donors! Muchas gracias.


You all make this possible for the children and families of La Concepción. Heartfelt thanks.


Here is the link to see us on the news!

if you could not make it and still want to donate, it’s not too late, press the donate now button at the top of this page. Many thanks.