Recognition, support, and involvement from the local community

This week we received a certificate from the mayor of La Concepción to give recognition to CIELO de Amor as a legal organization for the municipality. It’s a great milestone for CIELO de Amor. CIELO de Amor became a legal organization in La Concepción last February. With facilitation  by a lawyer we created our mission, vision,  and family members elected six local people for the board of directors, including staff and a parent. Now we are official!

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As a result of the recognition by the mayor, we received a visit from five board members of the local commission for health. They were very impressed with the services we are providing and offered to help us in any way they could. Liseth informed them families have a need to access affordable medicine, for example Maria Jose has not been able to get the medication she needs for her seizures.

Ten children from a nearby school also visited us this week. They joined in our activities and learned about children with disabilities. We love to have visitors and it was an important and fun experience for everyone.  We are as passionate about children learning about people with disabilities, as children with disabilities being included in their community. Speaking of which, we are also preparing to be in a community parade with other school children early September. The local food cooperative, and hardware store are generously donating funding so we can buy white shirts like all the other children have, and a banner is being made for us at a discounted rate. We are thrilled that the local community is coming to know and support CIELO de Amor and the services we provide.


Children from a nearby school visit us.