Working in the classroom, home and community

With thanks to the continued support of our donors, little by little we are able to expand our work. We are now doing regular visits to the students who are included in public schools. We are evaluating the needs of the children and the staff, including environmental needs. One school needs ramps built so the child can more easily access the bathroom. Some staff have requested material support with paper and pens for the children, some need support to address behavior, as some children are easily distracted.

We were invited to do a presentation about our work on the local radio. Liseth, our psychologist, kindly volunteered to represent us and the show went very well. A great opportunity to let the community know about the services we are providing. We have also started doing more home visits in order to address activities of daily living. Liseth went to the home to evaluate the dressing skills of Adriana and Diana. Their mother was very appreciative of the visit and asked when Liseth would be coming again. She is hoping to visit at least once every two weeks.

IMG_20150805_090139 IMG_20150805_090405

Wilmer continues to follow up on children we have provided wheelchairs, and makes repairs as needed. We strive to provide an appropriate chair for the child, their disability and the environment. Unfortunately we do not always have access to the most suitable chairs, for example chairs that would be best for the bumpy, dirt roads. When we provide chairs we inform families that the simple folding wheelchairs are for transportation purposes and not for sitting in all day.

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Physical therapy in the swimming pool continues well and we continue to receive new students. Not only are the children developing strength, endurance and flexibility, but they also build social skills and have another opportunity to be using community resources. IMG_3684 20150805_150802_resized_1 11855563_1619488168306147_938496316_n

We continue to support development of skills in the classroom. Last week Jahoska , the physical therapist, informed me with great excitement that Elias, age 4, is starting to walk independently. Here is a photo of Derling practicing using a walker. Milagro goes to regular school. We provide her with more intensive and individualized services at CIELO de Amor to support her success at school. It has been helpful to get to know the children in a variety of settings, so that we can best meet their needs.