We welcome visitors!

This week Wilmer created a new mural outside our classroom and we received this very nice e mail from a recent visitor. Do come visit us!


“What a wonderful school you have! Our visit was fabulous and your staff
welcomed us with open arms. They had written a nice note for us on the
blackboard and they let us join the children¹s groups as you said that
they would. Liset returned from her meeting with the ministry of education
in plenty of time for us to chat so I believe I got to meet everyone.

You have a wonderful curriculum for the children and your classroom is
well stocked. The teachers and all are full of love and passion. They work
really well with each and every child assuring full participation. The
parents are there too. You have done such a wonderful job!”

I am so thankful and proud to have such talented, energetic, enthusiastic, caring, responsible, committed, and creative staff.