All goes well!

While I am in USA making new connections, learning accounting systems, researching grants, planning fundraisers, the staff in Nicaragua have been:

a) hosting visitors from the States

b) continuing to teach the children and see daily successes

c) meeting new children

d) repairing and following up on wheelchairs

e) reaching out and supporting teachers who have children with disabilities included in their class

f) having meetings  with the deputy ministry of education in Managua

g) participating in inclusion training with ministry of education

We are all keeping busy and rewarded by the joy of this work. We are also thrilled to be receiving more support. The recreational center said we can use the swimming pool for free, and we have a local gentleman providing pediasure and delisoya on a monthly basis. We are so thankful.

If you live in Eugene or surrounding area, keep the afternoon Sept 27th 2015 open to join us for our one year anniversary celebration.

Here is An OT professor from USA nd 3 OT students visiting the classroom


Donation of pediasure is particularly important for some of our children who are not receiving the nutrients they need due to their medical condition.


It took many meetings to arrange physical therapy in the swimming pool. We are so thankful that after a month of us coming to the pool with the children, the owner offered for us to use the pool for free. Muchas gracias Centro Recreativo, La Concepción, Masaya. Makes the world of difference to these children.


Staff continue to use the structure and routines of the class but are always incorporating new activity ideas. Here Yereld is supporting Elias with his fine motor skills using spoons, sand, and shells.


Here is Gina practicing brushing her hair.


Music time is always a joy


I am so proud and thankful to have found such talented, committed, creative, loving, passionate, good humored, hard working, energetic, and enthusiastic staff. They are such a gift to the children and their families.