Inclusion continues, supported by the wheelchairs we are providing!

We are very proud of Dani for deciding to go back to school. He has not gone to school for six years, since the onset of muscular dystrophy. He has been coming to the classroom at CIELO de Amor for many months receiving physical therapy and some extra support in reading and writing, as well as other activities.

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A couple of weeks ago his mother told us that he wanted to go back to school. We are thrilled, and as he is just a couple of classrooms away we can check in regularly to see if any support is needed.

Dani’s first day back to school!


As it is difficult to transfer Dani to a regular chair it was important for us to find him a wheelchair with a tray. Thankfully we still had some left from our distribution with global mobility.


We were able to provide school uniforms to Yerling and Yasser.

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It was also great to visit Cristofer at his school and hear how well he is doing and see he is using his new crutches.



We met Yerling’s teacher, who although has 20 years experience teaching has never had a child with a disability in her class.  Fortunately she is very open to adapting activities to meet Yerling’s needs. We left her with some materials including books and puzzles, as she had very few.



We were also able to provide a few materials for the other three preschool classrooms.


The principal of the school asked us if we could help make the latrines more private and create a playground. Unfortunately at this time we do not have the resources, and our primary focus is for children with disabilities. It is heartbreaking to witness the lack of resources.

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72 of us head to the beach for a magical day!

We took two busses, five wheelchairs, and 72 children, families and staff to the nearby beach of La Boquita for the day! The majority of the children had never been to the ocean. All but two, due to health reasons, went in the ocean and river. It was a very joyous day. Ruth Jansen had scouted out the area ahead of time and reserved us a great area with shade, easy access to the river and playground. Jodi, Elaine, Molly and Kirah changed into their swim suits and quickly encouraged the children to join them in the river. It was a delight to watch the children splashing in the water, playing with the sand, families helping their children swim, and listen to the squeals of delight and laughter. We then headed to the ocean, …..everyone! Wilmer and Yereld helped push the wheelchairs over the sand and before you knew it the children were giggling as the waves splashed over their legs, and we buried them in sand. Those that were scared, were soon laughing. It was so joyous! After a delicious lunch we headed home before the heat became too much. A very memorable day! Thanks to all

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Physical and occupational therapists visit from Eugene, Oregon

We had a VERY full week with our visiting therapists, Elaine Toper, OT, Jodi Oakerson, PT, Molly Osterland, OT, and student Kirah. They met the children and families in the class in the morning, individually in the afternoons, provided us with new strategies, made home visits, feeding evaluations, made hand splints and weighted lap pads, fitted and adjusted wheelchairs, and gave a fabulous training on cerebral palsy and lifting and handling, to over 30 staff and families from La Concha and neighboring towns. We finished up taking 72 children and families for a magical day at the beach. Enormous gratitude to this dream team! Please come back!

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