Vacation is over!

After a lovely break, we are back working with the children in the class, providing wheelchairs, making trays, meeting people needing chairs, making orthopedic appointments, and doing the administration to make this project happen! It’s rewarding and keeping me busy!

Here are some before and after photos of Genesis with her first wheelchair.


Her father and grandmother were very grateful, and as this chair is adjustable I hope Genesis can use it for many years.


Heydi has not had a chair in 7 years, severely limiting where she could go. At first she was scared to be in the chair, but within seconds she seemed excited!


Neftali was thrilled with his crutches. We are also going to go to an orthopedic Dr and get him some appropriate shoes. It has been FABULOUS working with Ruth Jansen, who is originally from Holland, but now living in nearby Masaya. She is starting a tour business with her husband called Mas por Menos.


We had lots of joyful moments in the class, Adriana’s excitement with the musical shape sorter, Diana watching the ball fly out of the mouth of the cow, Genesis first physical therapy with us, Cristofer tackling difficult puzzles, Derling practicing walking as he kicked the football, Jessica returning to class after a long break and seeming quite alert, and hearing that Jason is adjusting well to his new chair.