Our wish list!

CIELO de Amor wish list!

20 people to donate $25 per month to cover salaries of three local staff: psychologist, physical therapist, and teacher.

10 people to donate $15 per month to provide transportation to 10 children in wheelchairs and rural areas, to school and physical therapy. Or help to buy a vehicle so we can transport children to school, Dr appointments, outings, and delivering wheelchairs.

$600 to get 3 specialized wheelchairs for Joni, Jessica, and Daniel.

$1-$1000 to contribute toward physical therapy equipment including parallel bars, child size walkers, specialized classroom chairs, stander, bench,

Physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, special ed teacher, autism specialist, assistive technology specialist, wheelchair specialist, to visit Nicaragua for between one week to three months, to provide training to staff and parents.

The most effective method of donating is to send a US check to CIELO de Amor, c/o Ruth Weinberg, 2160 Arthur St. Eugene, OR, 97405, USA, or deposit directly into our savings account at selco credit union. We can e-mail you the account details. For all other currencies you can donate a regular amount or one time payment, into our pay pal account. See our website http://www.cielodeamor.org. Please contact us at info@cielodeamor.org if you have questions or comments.

We are so thankful for all your support and interest in our work. Hoping you enjoy this holiday season with good health, family, and friends.