Productive week: IEP’s and cardboard chairs.

We had a quiet week, as Monday was a holiday and several children did not come this week, as they had end of year parties in their other school or for family members. This gave us an opportunity to talk with parents individually, discuss progress made, and set goals for their child for the upcoming year. We updated goal plans for about 14 of the 30 children we are serving. Hopefully we will get to the others in the next few weeks. It was great to have Cristofer come for physical therapy for the first time, and his mother talked to the psychologist re some support with the siblings. In the afternoons, Wilmer, Carmendelia and I learned how to make a supportive chair out of cardboard, from a Swiss occupational therapist visiting the nearby town. It was quite a challenge to find cardboard and five days of work to make the chair. However by next Monday we hope to have a chair made specifically to fit and support Johayner, who can not sit unsupported. Material costs were about $4, including cost of the knife! If other families are interested in making chairs for their child we will be able to teach them. We tried to have fun in the labor intensive process! We glued five layers of cardboard and pasted three layers of telephone book pages. The chair seemed quite strong, and we are keeping them away from cardboard eating cockroaches!

IMG_9777 IMG_9779 imageIMG_9785 IMG_9786

IMG_9791 IMG_9796 IMG_9815 IMG_9817 IMG_9821IMG_9816

Here is Cristofer, Dany, Yerling, and Britany enjoying class and the playground! IMG_9802 IMG_9804 IMG_9806 IMG_9808 IMG_9774IMG_9810 IMG_9812

Lisanne and I did a jigsaw puzzle, trying to figure out new groups of children for the new year. We are now serving 30 children! IMG_9770