Precious moments, in a busy week!

Two year old Pablito walked for the first time in our class! He loved the music on the cell phone and while moving the table slowly we were able to help him take his first steps!

IMG_9589 IMG_9591

He also enjoyed our circle time with puppets, balloon, and music.

IMG_9599 IMG_9596

Adriana, Diana, and Nelson who have autism enjoyed our new musical shape toy. Thanks to Kirsten Haugen for the donation. They did so well taking turns, and it really held their attention.

IMG_9610 IMG_9620 IMG_9628IMG_9624

The joy continues! Thanks to Emily Adler for donating the large story books.

IMG_9608 IMG_9641 IMG_9650 IMG_9654

We had seven children in our Thursday class, including five girls with downs syndrome. Some moments I did not catch on camera. It was precious watching Yerling hold Rebecca’s hand and help her play red light green light, and climb over the tires in our park. Brittany loves climbing on Darling’s lap whether in her wheelchair or in physical therapy. The mirror is so useful.

IMG_9675 IMG_9679  IMG_9687 IMG_9689