Delivering wheelchairs and walkers is quite rewarding!

Charly seemed happy with her new walker, especially the speed, now having four wheels! Her old walker rusted very quickly due to the sulphur fumes from active volcano Masaya.

IMG_9601 IMG_9606

Danny now has a folding wheelchair so he can go places in the moto taxi.

This is his previous wheelchair made of a plastic garden chair  and his new chair on the right


Christopher was pleased to receive Bryans old walker, even though it is not in perfect condition. It’s easier to get around with the walker than with one crutch! We also gave him a new wheelchair which fits him better and has footplates.


New chair                                                  Old chair

IMG_9732 Photo May 12, 8 00 39 PM

Cristofer uses his chair to get to school. Previously he was carried by his mother!

It’s an adventure delivering the chairs in moto taxis, and gives me insight to the experience for families traveling with their child with disabilities. We dream of having a van one day, so we can help transport the children.