My kind of black Friday!

Well, yes, I did go black Friday shopping, but it was on Thanksgiving day, and we went shopping for used wheelchairs in Managua!  We were very successful, finding six simple folding chairs, one supportive child size chair, three walkers, two canes, and a wipe board……………and all of that for under $600! Thanks to Wilmer and his brother for helping us to negotiate prices, and drive us! Ever helpful, talented, fun, and enthusiastic, Wilmer offered to repair wheelchairs needing a little tlc. These chairs are to support children in transferring from one location to another, NOT TO BE USED as a seat.

IMG_9547 IMG_9553

This store was a line of chairs on the side of the road!


My host family very kindly let me turn part of the living room into a storage area for wheelchairs and walkers!


We have already delivered a walker to Brayon and a wheelchair to Eric. While visiting with Brayon we learned about his five year old neighbor Ezekial, who can not hear from one ear, does not go to school, and is only saying a few words. We provided information to start the evaluation process. Brayon also needs new shoes and wants to learn English. He is a delightful and bright eleven year old, who wants to be a television news broadcaster or a lawyer! His grandparents are raising him.

IMG_9562 IMG_9563 IMG_9564 IMG_3157

Accessibility to Eric’s house was eye opening! It was hard to push the wheelchair to his house without him. I can not imagine pushing himself in the chair, but once he gets to the main road it is smoother. Lisa kindly bought the classroom a colorful box to replace our worn out cardboard surprise box. The box is made of bamboo and recycled plastic ties. It’s satisfying to support a local, small family business and recycling.


Forgive me, I cannot figure out how to turn this picture around!